Friday, November 20, 2009

Makin' a List, Checkin' it Twice

Oh my, it's almost Christmas again!! It always sneaks up on me because we grow poinsettias and have them in the greenhouse from March to December so I am always a little amazed and thoroughly charmed when I walk through the houses and discover the poinsettias turning color!!

Come on in to Verdigris and check out all of the unique and special gifts we have for your list of loved ones, friends and even yourself (shhhh.....we won't tell if you don't!!).....big, small and everything in between, we have a whimsical mix of perfect ideas for just about everyone on it!! New shipment of the sweet tea towels has arrived and they are wonderful!! Adorable magnets make awesome teacher gifts or stocking stuffers ~ we have new pendants with soldered charms that are funny and sentimental ~ lots of vintage Christmas ornaments and new but made to look vintage, some very classy stuff there ~ antique fern lithographs framed in shabby reclaimed lumber and beadboard frames, oh, are they beautiful!!

And while you are here, check out the COOL colors of poinsettias we have this year!! Such a fun assortment, take a look at the pictures I took ~ they are not all quite ready, but I wanted you to get the idea ~ we will have them in the shop just after Thanksgiving ~ I might be able to sneak a few in before since they are coloring up so nicely!! All that great weather we have been having.......mmmmmmm!!

Looking forward to seeing you soon ~ bring your list, we'll help you make short work of it, coffee included, and fun is always on our list!!